Daily Life - Talking About a Past Event(0095)

A:  Mike! Hey, how are you, man! Long time no see!
B:  Hey, Pat! Yeah, I haven't seen you in ages! How are you?
A:  I'm doing great! It's funny running into you like this. Just last week I ran into Matt as well.
B:  Yeah? How's he doing?
A:  He's doing well. We went out for a couple of beers and the funniest thing happened.
B:  Oh yeah?
A:  Well, we were talking and catching up on what we've been doing, talking about work and family, when all of a sudden, Matt saw a mouse run under his chair and he completely lost it! He started freaking out, and screaming...
B:  Ha ha, really?
A:  Yeah, and the funniest thing was, that he jumped on to his chair and started shrieking like a girl. You had to be there! Everyone was staring and laughing... it was hilarious!

Key Vocabulary

how are youphrasea greeting phrase
mancommon noun, singularan informal way of calling a person
long time no seephrasea greeting phrase used after two friends have not seen each other for a long time
in agesphrasefor a long time
I am doing greatphrasea phrase you use to respond to a greeting
run intophrasemeeting someone accidentally
catch up onphraselearn about recent past events
freak outverbshow a lot of emotion; be not able to control emotions
shriekscreaming in a very high voice
stareverblook at something for a long time with great attention
hilariousAdjectivevery amusing
lose itverblose control of your emotions; show strong, negative emotions

Supplementary Vocabulary

go nutsverbgo crazy; lose control of yourself
a riotphrasea very fun time; or a funny event
ridiculousAdjectivevery silly or unreasonable
bizarreAdjectivevery strange or unusual
anecdotecommon noun, singulara short, amusing story