Global View - Human Anatmoy (C0333)

A:  OK class, so today we are going to continue with our anatomy class, today we will review everything we have learned. Can anyone tell me what the first major organ is?
B:  The brain!
A:  That’s right the brain! It serves as a control center for the body, handling the processes of the central nervous system as well as cognition. Then what major organ is in our chest?
B:  The heart!
A:  Very good! It pumps blood throughout the body, using the circulatory system such as blood vessels and veins. Now let’s not forget that our lungs provide oxygen to our heart and body to keep us alive! Now what about the organs that help us digest food?
B:  The stomach and intestines!
A:  Very good! Let’s not forget that the stomach is the one that breaks down our food and our intestines process that food and then expel the waste. Are we forgetting anything?
B:  Yeah! Our kidneys, liver and bladder!
A:  Oh yes, you are right. Very important organs indeed.
B:  So what do these organs do teacher?
A:  Well, ummm, they...Time for a break! We can talk about it when you get back.

Key Vocabulary

anatomythe trunk of the body from the neck to the abdomen
organa grouping of tissues into a distinct structure e.g heart
brainAn organ enclosed in the skull that controls and co ordinates the body.
controlthe ability to direct the actions of something
processa planed series of steps or actions that leads to something
chestThe front of the body, from neck to the waist.
heartAn organ in the chest that pumps blood.
pumpTo supply, to circulate.
bloodthe fluid that circulates in the body.
lungBody part that inflates with air and allows breathing
oxygena gas that we breath in order to live.
digestto swallow and dissolve something.
stomachthe organ people use to digest food
expelto release something.
liverthe organ used to produce blood

Supplementary Vocabulary

leglower limbs of the body
armthe upper limbs of the human body
skullthe bony framework of the head, enclosing the brain and supporting the face
embalmto treat a dead body so as to preserve it, as with chemicals, drugs.
spinebackbone of the body

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